COVID-19 Diary: 100th Day

*I started counting on the first Monday that the schools closed due to COVID-19 (3/16/20).

On this 100th day, the kids and I made a list of 100 things we’ve done since the start of COVID-19 pandemic.

  1. Getaway to Hilton Head Island, SC (+ dolphin tour)
  2. Visit to Hunting Island
  3. Papa G & Mimi’s visit
  4. Bumpa & Nana’s visit
  5. Water balloons with neighbors
  6. Ice cream sundaes with neighbors
  7. Celebrate Mother’s Day
  8. Celebrate Father’s Day
  9. Celebrate Easter
  10. Celebrate last day of school
  11. Taco truck in the neighborhood
  12. Shaved ice truck in the neighborhood
  13. Numerous playdates (for the 3 girls)
  14. Blueberry picking
  15. Taylors Mill play area w/ friends
  16. Park Hop
  17. Mini golf at McPherson Park
  18. Making Happy Summer cards
  19. Trip to South Saluda River
  20. Neighbor’s pool
  21. Hiking at Paris Mountain State Park
  22. Sprinklers on the trampoline
  23. Started our own garden
  24. Cleaned out the Pilot
  25. Trip to Tyger River Park
  26. Trip to Hatcher Garden
  27. Trip to Holston Creek Park (2x)
  28. Picked up school yearbooks (P & LB, ML’s was mailed)
  29. Virtual Field Day (P & LB)
  30. Donating food to the Greer Soup Kitchen
  31. Cleaned out Toshi’s room
  32. Breakfast for dinner
  33. TV broke, found a new one
  34. Tried out our friends’ saucer tree swing
  35. Cincinatti Zoo Home Safari
  36. Lessons from Duolingo
  37. Trip to Glendale Shoals Preserve
  38. Dillards Ice Cream (2x)
  39. COVID-19 Time Capsule packet
  40. Weekly journal
  41. Thankful journal
  42. New Wii games
  43. Painted/sketched pictures
  44. Magic Model crafts
  45. Spring break daily themes
  46. Distance learning (all 4 kids)
  47. Mo Willems drawings
  48. Lessons from Science Mom
  49. Painted rocks scavenger hunt in the neighborhood
  50. Lots of neighborhood walks
  51. Bubbles
  52. Flying kites
  53. Toshi’s first loose tooth
  54. Explored “the woods” in the neighborhood
  55. Read The Call of the Wild
  56. Read pages from The Women Who Dared
  57. Read “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” from Illustrated Stories from Shakespeare
  58. Tent
  59. Badminton at Gallants’ backyard
  60. Gallants over for a visit (a few times)
  61. Haircuts (all 4 kids)
  62. Zoom sessions for school (all 4 kids)
  63. Sidewalk chalk
  64. Free lunches from the county
  65. Perler beads
  66. Video chats with family & friends
  67. Marine/ocean life crafts (ML & T)
  68. Watched Cool Runnings, The Color of Friendship (P & LB)
  69. Lots of board & card games
  70. Tornado warning (sheltered in basement)
  71. Hiking at Conestee Park
  72. Hiking at Battle of Musgrove Mill Historic Site
  73. Helped Daddy with computer work (P & LB)
  74. Helped Daddy to package socks (P & LB)
  75. Re-piercing ear (P)
  76. Summer reading challenge
  77. Online church
  78. Jogging with mom
  79. ARMES auditions (P & LB)
  80. Learned about Juneteenth
  81. Farmer Day with Mrs. Charping (T)
  82. Friend’s birthday party (P)
  83. Family BBQ + roasting marshmallows on grill
  84. Baking with Nana
  85. Decorated aprons with Nana
  86. Slip ‘N Slide at neighbors’ backyard
  87. New trampoline games
  88. Curbside pickup at the library
  89. “Prepare Ye (The Way of the Lord)” song for music video (LB)
  90. Trip to Five Below (P & LB)
  91. Backyard pool at neighbors’ (ML)
  92. Dinner at our neighbors’ + girls played tennis
  93. Curry from our neighbors (P & LB tried)
  94. Older 2 learned to cook more
  95. Building forts in their bedrooms
  96. T learned to fold all of his laundry
  97. Neighborhood work day (weeding)
  98. Bird watching (Mommy & T)
  99. Earth Day projects for school
  100. Learning card magic tricks

We then talked about what each of our favorite was out of the 100.