COVID-19 Diary Day 99-100

Day 99 Activity Journal

  • Summer workbooks & cards (all 4)
  • Daddy picked up free lunch
  • P & LB helped Daddy with computer work & packaging socks

  • Mommy, ML, & T worked on cleaning Toshi’s room (P came to help later)
  • Finished reading “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” from Illustrated Stories from Shakespeare
  • Played games on the patio after QT (Apples to Apples, L.O.L. Surprise! The Game)
  • Outside time after QT (bikes-Toshi started using his with training wheels, chalk, family walk)

  • Breakfast for dinner (we finally have maple syrup!)
  • Our neighbors brought over some Indian curry to us and we devoured them in seconds (P loved it too)

Day 97 Activity Journal – 100th Day

  • Summer workbooks & cards (all 4)
  • Weekly journal (all 4)
  • COVID-19 Time Capsule packet (all 4)
  • Mommy, Peanut, & LB picked up free lunch
  • Visited 2 more parks for Park Hop (Linky Stone Park & McPherson Park)

Linky Stone Park


McPherson Park


McPherson Park


  • We listed 100 things we’ve done so far since the start of COVID-19 closures (see this post for more)

  • Mommy, ML, & T dropped off a card for Toshi’s friend Noah and picked up Duck Donuts
  • Enjoyed yummy donuts with neighbors

  • Outside time after QT (older 2 + Miriam played games, younger 2 played out front)
  • Recorded video discussing Top 10 of the 100 things list
  • Harvested kale & cilantro

Tracking #1000hoursOutside

  • Day 99 – 2.25 hrs after QT
  • Day 100 – 1 hr before lunch, 1.5 hrs after QT (Total = 2.5 hrs)