COVID-19 Diary Day 56: Mother’s Day

Our second holiday during #Quarantine2020.

Day 56 Activity Journal

  • Daddy brought Mommy coffee (& card) in bed
  • Kids gave Mommy their handmade cards

  • FaceTime with Mimi, Grammy, and Nana

  • Church online (for adults + kids)
  • Daddy took the kids out for a walk around the neighborhood (to give Mommy a break)

  • Daddy helped P (who then let her siblings participate) to make chocolate-covered pretzels for Mommy
  • Daddy helped ML to work on her science project

  • Played the game LIFE (Mommy, P, LB, and T)
  • “Spoil Mommy time” by P & LB (bringing her drink, giving her massage, etc.)

I could get used to this


  • Sushi Go takeout for dinner (for parents)

  • Movie night (Tangled)

My four gifts


The best way (always) to end my day


Tracking #1000hoursOutside

  • 2 hrs before lunch
  • 1.5 hrs after QT (playing a game on the patio)
  • Total today = 3.5 hrs


I was so touched by every one of my children being so excited to give me something or to do something for me. Allan said when he mentioned that I liked the Reece’s Pieces Egg, MiniLu didn’t even hesitate, she said I can have all of hers. Toshi was so excited to give me the card he made for me. Pnut wanted to surprise me by making treats. It was LittleBit’s idea to give me a “spoil Mommy” time, asking me what I wanted to watch/listen, if I needed anything, etc. They are all so sweet and loving. And of course, my Tigger spoiled me as always. I am so rich.


Abba Father. My heart…and my life…are so full. Thank You.