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  View this post on Instagram   Sam I Am & Thing 1 A post shared by Maria Parry (@booparry) on Mar 3, 2020 at 4:24am PST LB and her classmates

Toshi and I were trying to “stalk” LittleBit and her class during their trip to the Children’s Museum of the Upstate. Shortly after we arrived, we were told that we needed to go down to the basement because of a

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We had never heard of #hollywild until our neighbors told us about it recently. We decided to give it a try on NYE (Little Bit’s birthday). What. An. Experience. I mean, the kids will be talking about this for a long

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View this post on Instagram Wow, I now am a mom to two daughters in double digits 😳 What a year it's been with this one. She is still our peacemaker, our joy-giver, and our gentle soul…but it was also

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LB’s 4th grade class went on a field trip to Jones Gap State Park, and Daddy joined as a chaperone (once again).  

A much needed trip back to FL 🥰 Believe it or not, I failed to capture all the visits in photos but I got most of them. Always a great time visiting with family and friends, and spending some quality

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Little Bit’s 3rd grade class went on a field trip to Columbia, SC. Daddy joined as a chaperone.  

Father Daughter Dances through the years. 2016 – with Peanut 2017 – with LittleBit 2018 – with MiniLu

Before the New Year begins, we are finishing out our crazy birthday week with this special girl’s birthday. She’s my gentle soul and I’m so thankful for her. Happy birthday to our ittybitty bit!

LittleBit is turning 7! This year she finally had her very own birthday party for the first time (in the years past we did a combined party for her and Peanut). We did a pottery painting party at Color Clay

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