COVID-19 Diary Day 2

Finding Beauty, Goodness, and Truth


Mommy – The kids made some beautiful art today, thanks to Mo Willems and McHarper Manor.

LittleBit – Porcupines are pretty.

Peanut – Oil/gas spill on the road made rainbow-like colors (??).


MiniLu – LittleBit gave me her stick when we were outside. Mommy took us to go jogging.

Mommy – two of my children were able to resolve their differences by communicating and apologizing.

Peanut – Mommy went on a bike ride with me.

Daddy – We parents were able to relax outside for a little while with good neighbors.


Nator – You should sing “Happy Birthday” two times while you wash your hands.

Peanut – Porcupines do not shoot out their spikes as much as they’re portrayed in stories/shows.

Day 2 Activity Journal

Tracking #1000hoursOutside

  • 35 min of jogging in the AM
  • 2+ hrs outside after Quiet Time
  • Total today = 3 hrs


Some challenging moments for my two tweens tonight, as they have been spending a lot more time together. They are usually fine when it’s just the two of them, but when there are other people around (especially another friend), they can easily get bothered by one another. They have two polar personalities, and they have always balanced each other out well for most of their lives. Lately, as they have entered the tween stage, their opposite personalities are what seems to be driving them apart. By end of the day though, they were able to have honest communication and apologize to each other. I believe with all my heart that their friendship will continue to grow and strengthen through various life stages.


Abba Father, help all of us (parents included) to have increased grace on one another, through the upcoming weeks and beyond.