COVID-19 Diary Day 73-75

Day 73 Activity Journal

  • 3.1-mile jog for Mommy
  • MiniLuโ€™s distance learning
  • Daddy & Toshi went to grab free lunch/breakfast
  • P & LB worked on art (sketches/drawing, LB got frustrated about her artwork)
  • No recess outside
  • Daddy took P to get her ear pierced (the side that closed up after the incident – see Day 9)
  • Outside time after QT with neighbors

Day 74 Activity Journal

  • MiniLuโ€™s distance learning
  • Toshi worked on his preschool craft

  • Mommy & Toshi went to get his ABC book from his teacher’s house, then grabbed free lunch/breakfast

  • P, LB, & T played games on the patio (Shopkins Hedbanz, Sleeping Queens, Apples to Apples, etc.)

  • No recess outside
  • Outside time after QT with neighbors

  • Evening walk outside until the rain came (parents)

Day 75 Activity Journal

  • 2.75-mile jog for Mommy (started raining)
  • MiniLu’s distance learning (last day for new assignments!)


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Wow, here we are. In mid-March, my thought was, HOW are we going to do this for 2 weeks!? It’s been 2.5 months. The older girls mostly worked on their own, but my full-time job became “teacher” to MiniLu everyday for most of the day. There were days when tears were shed by both of us. But WE DID IT! I am incredibly proud of her – academics never came easy for her, but she worked SO hard and excelled (even under the guidance of this perfectionistic mom). I’m also grateful for the guidance & support of her teachers. She had Chinese lesson daily via Zoom and I was so impressed by how much she’s learning! As for my preschooler, I just tried my best to keep him busy while his main companion was doing schoolwork. He taught himself all the way to 1st/2nd grade level in math & reading ๐Ÿ˜‚ It was a challenging few months in many ways, but so rewarding as well. Hooray for last day of school!! ๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰ #lastdayofschool #minithelu #Toshinator #quarantine2020 #homeschoolmom #notforthismom ๐Ÿ˜†

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  • MiniLu’s speech therapy via Zoom (last one – she had one every Friday since 4/24)
  • Cleaning (downstairs – P & LB)
  • P, LB, & T played legos in T’s room; then they played Apples to Apples on the patio
  • P went to a birthday party at her friend Keatley’s house
  • LB went to a playdate at her friend Chloe’s house
  • Zoom chat with Patrice (Maria)
  • Duo chat with her friend Marguerite (ML)
  • Cleaning (downstairs – ML & T)
  • Outside time (a walk to the playground – Mommy, ML, & T)
  • Pizza night (watched Moana for 30 min, then separate shows – P, ML, & T)

Tracking #1000hoursOutside

  • Day 73 โ€“ 2.25 hrs after QT
  • Day 74 โ€“ 2.5 hrs after QT
  • Day 75 โ€“ 1.25 hrs after QT