COVID-19 Diary Day 54 & 55

Day 54 Activity Journal

  • Home Safari presented by the Cincinnati Zoo (Earth Day)
  • MiniLu’s distance learning (online PE, Chinese song, and academics – heavier load than past Fridays)
  • Pnut’s & LittleBit’s distance learning (their last day of being assigned new materials)
  • Daddy & Toshi went to go get free breakfast/lunch
  • Mommy & Toshi identified some birds from inside the house using binoculars

  • Recess (outside)
  • Played Wii after QT (Just Dance, Super Mario Bros Wii, Baseball, Bowling)



  • Friday pizza movie night (Ferdinand) and takeout for parents (Hibachi Express)

Day 55 Activity Journal

Joint effort by the 4 of them

by Toshi

By MiniLu & Toshi



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We explained what happened to the kids on Thursday. First question I got from one of the kids was, “Would someone ever do that to PapaG?” It was a hard conversation…but one that needs to continue. Today the kids wrote a happy birthday message for #ahmaudarbery (a day late due to rain yesterday), and we did our 2.23-mile walk at a new park we discovered. #runwithmaud #irunwithmaud We understand that this is not an issue that can be tied up by a sidewalk message, a few pictures, and a hashtag. What I can vow for today is, we will continue the hard conversations. We will continue to bring up the question (and even borrow the lyrics from Frozen 2), what is the “next right thing” that we can do? God, have mercy on us and guide us. I believe- hope is not lost and love will triumph.

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  • Daddy helped ML & T to make cards for Mother’s Day
  • Pnut helped to water the garden
  • Outside time after QT with neighbors

  • Taco movie night (Ralph Breaks the Internet)

Tracking #1000hoursOutside

  • Day 54 – 30 min recess (no outside time after QT due to rain; Total = 30 min)
  • Day 55 – 2.25 hrs before lunch, 2 hrs after QT (Total = 4.25 hrs)

Review of Holston Creek Park

30 min from home. Free. This was a HUGE park. We followed a path around the small pond (top right corner of the map), then mostly followed the main path around the park. It was a very mild walk, with lots of trees for shade. We tried to stay out of the way of the disc golfers. We were able to walk around the park in about an hour. The playground was closed due to social distancing, but the kids had plenty of fun walking around and picking up flowers & sticks. It was a great find!