COVID-19 Diary Day 85-88

Day 85 Activity Journal

  • 3.1-mile jog for Mommy
  • P & LB helped to clean the Pilot (inside the car)

  • ML & T helped with pulling weeds from the garden

  • All 4 + Mommy went to pick up free lunch
  • All 4 + Mommy picked up treats from Wendy’s (and a drink for Mommy at Barista Alley) and walked around Greer City Park
  • Outside time with neighbors after QT
  • Evening neighborhood walk for Mommy & Daddy

Day 86 Activity Journal

  • LB worked on sorting out the school supplies/textbooks/notebooks (later P did too)
  • ML, T, & Mommy went to go pick free lunch
  • Hiked on a trail at Paris Mountain State Park (scroll to the bottom for review)

  • Read a chapter from Illustrated Stories from Shakespeare (“A Midsummer Night’s Dream”)
  • Outside time with neighbors after QT
  • Kim & Leo came over after dinner

Day 87 Activity Journal

  • Cleaning (upstairs)
  • LB, ML, T, & Mommy picked up free lunch & library books
  • Played Monopoly on the patio; LB & T watched Chicken Little on patio TV

  • Outside time after QT (family walk)
  • Harvested kale from our garden
  • P made miso soup
  • Social committee meeting (for Maria)
  • 3.1-mile jog for Mommy


Day 88 Activity Journal – Thankful Thoughtful Thursday

  • ML went outside to play with Sophia
  • P & LB helped with computer work for Daddy
  • ML, T, & Mommy played games on the patio (UNO), ML & T made fortune tellers
  • ML, T, & Mommy picked up free lunch
  • All 4 + Mommy went to deliver leftover food to Greer Soup Kitchen
  • Worked on the label for Thankful Journal
  • Journaled in the Thankful Journal after QT (all 4)
  • Worked on Happy Summer cards (all 4)

by P (left) by LB (right)

by ML (left) by T (right)


  • Outside time with neighbors after QT
  • Harvested cilantro and cherry tomatoes
  • Phone chat with Anna (for Maria)

Tracking #1000hoursOutside

  • Day 85 – 1.5 hrs cleaning/weeding, 30 min at park, 2 hrs after QT (Total = 4 hrs)
  • Day 86 – 1.5 hrs at park, 1 hr after QT (Total = 2.5 hrs)
  • Day 87 – 1.5 hrs on the patio, 2 hrs after QT (Total = 3.5 hrs)
  • Day 88 – 20 min (ML), 1 hr on the patio, 1.25 hrs after QT (Total = 2.5 hrs)

Mom’s Thankful List

  • Survived the first week of summer at home (and had lots of fun along the way)
  • Vegetables in our garden are growing!
  • Opportunities to connect with friends (via phone, text, or patio time)
  • Fun adventures & crafts we explored as a family, as well as getting chores done


I must admit, the task of being the “camp director” for the season ahead, after nearly three months of homeschooling, seemed very daunting at the beginning of the week. We had such a wonderful week at the beach (to celebrate the end of homeschooling). But…now what?? There are a lot of ideas of what I want to do – but never enough time to “plan” and “prepare” for those activities (and that’s hard for a recovering perfectionist!). But as always, God’s grace came through, and we ended up having a fun, pleasant, and productive week (as you can see above). We’ve got this!


Abba Father. I know You will go with us into this next season. Because You live…and because You are with us, my hope overflows. I want to seek Your face first, always. Amen.

Review of Paris Mountain State Park

20 min from home. Used SC State Park Pass. We’ve done the Lake Placid loop before, so we went on the Mountain Creek trail about halfway then turned around (took the Turtle trail on the way back). We hiked for about an hour and a half total. It was a pretty mild hike, there were plenty of shade, and it was nice to be out. We are looking forward to exploring the other trails.