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“Look, Mommy, Spiderman is doing a plié.” #balletgirl #ouronlygirliegirl#ittybittybit

Parry Advent Day 8: Make a Christmas card for someone in prison. After she wrote “Merry Christmas” and “Jesus loves you” P asks, “What else should we put- be good next time?” ‪#‎letsnot‬ ‪#‎lifewithpeanut‬

I was reviewing this worksheet and about to explain how a nest weighs less than one pound when she interrupted and said, “I know why I got it wrong. I thought I’m supposed to count the tree too.” #lifewithpeanut #alwaysoutsideofthebox

Peanut: Today in science we learned about volcanos. My teacher said, the deeper you dig, the more you’ll find. So I said, “The deeper you dig in a cemetery, the grosser you’ll find” (chuckles to herself). ‪#‎onlymynut‬ ‪#‎lifewithpeanut‬

  What do you love about Daddy? Peanut: He plays with us and works hard for us. Takes us to fun places. LittleBit: He takes care of us. Plays games with us. MiniLu: Daddy funny. Maria: He is so kind

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Me (Mommy): NO! Mini…Little…Toshi! LB: (chuckle) you got our names wrong. Me: yes, it’s hard to get it right when I’m in a hurry. P: it’s hard to get it right when you have 4 kids. Precisely.

Mini-Lu loves to grab her Bible and say, “Jesus helps us.” Yes, He does.