COVID-19 Diary Day 5

Finding Beauty, Goodness, and Truth


Little Bit – My cabbage is pretty.


MiniLu – Nellie shared her toys with me.

Nator – Daddy and I played baseball today.

Peanut – Nator went with me around the pond to find sticks.

Mommy – Being able to have Sushi Go for dinner!


Peanut – Oil does not mix or dissolve in water.

Daddy – Peanut and Little Bit are getting along great this week.


Mommy – Was able to go out on an errand (my first time out of the neighborhood since Monday!) with just Toshi, like the good ol’ days.

Day 5 Activity Journal

  • More lessons from Duolingo
  • More videos from Science Mom
  • MiniLu’s distance learning (online PE, Chinese song, and academics)
  • Video chat with PapaG and Mimi
  • P and LB playing a lot outside, going for a walk with Daddy (helping to pick up trash), playing games in the (indoor) tent
  • Art project by McHarper Manor (peg dolls) – LittleBit continued with this project
  • Recess – a walk/bike ride to the playground (Mommy, ML & T – these two are best buds)


  • Home Safari Facebook Lives presented by the Cincinnati Zoo (lions)
  • Friday pizza movie night (Annie 2014) and takeout for parents (Sushi Go)
  • Camping out in (indoor) tent

Tracking #1000hoursOutside

  • 2.25 hrs outside before lunch
  • 2.75 hrs outside after Quiet Time
  • Total today = 5 hrs


Glad that it’s Friday! Made it through one week. It definitely felt longer than usual. We could NOT have asked for a more beautiful night. Our family, along with our neighbors, lingered outside for a while, enjoying the great weather. Peanut and LittleBit are finding their way to being best friends again…this makes my heart happy.


Abba Father, there is much to learn from this experience of being forced into a much slower-paced life. Help us to soak them in, deep into our hearts. Amen.