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Easter lilies from my hubby have bloomed! #hesgoodtome #butihavenoideawhattodowiththem #brownthumb

After his first head-on collision with the pavement, he thinks this walking thing is overrated. #toddlerlife #natorboy#1stbigbooboo

WHO is this beautiful 8yo in front of me, and WHERE did my little Peanut go!??? She was disappointed that this time around, her hair wasn’t long enough to donate. Being her mom has been one of the most faith-building,

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“Look, Mommy, Spiderman is doing a plié.” #balletgirl #ouronlygirliegirl#ittybittybit

When I came back from my run this morning, this was how I found my 2 guys. #couchpotatoes #lovemygents#natorgrowinglikeweed

We must be turning into Carolinians… Coffee time on the patio when it’s *only* 54° outside #FloridiantoCarolinian#carolinalife

January we were taking a break from social media and regrouping after a busy season (we also stayed indoors a lot due to cold/snowy weather). February was a month of sickness- it seemed almost every day of the month someone

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Is it possible to have 2 cuter shopping buddies? I think not.

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