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Merry Christmas Eve from us! #Boydoesntmatch #hisredshirtgotdirty  

We didn’t follow through on our advent plans as well as we did in the previous years, simply for the fact that our lives are increasingly becoming busier, especially during the holidays. In addition, the kids are out playing with

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We had a surprise drive-thru visit from our FL friends on Christmas Eve. Nator was outnumbered even more so than usual.

Our first Christmas in Greenville was very relaxing. We stayed in our pajamas all day. We just enjoyed opening gifts and spending time as a family.

Parry Advent Day 25: Look under your pillow and find a new book to unwrap (a new tradition we started this year). This year each girl got a new Bible. Our prayer is that they will grow to love God

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Our first Christmas Eve service at our new home church @springwellsc#holidays2015 #merrychristmas2015

Parry Advent 24 (yay, I survived another year of the advents – a fun tradition, but a lot of work/planning involved for sure): This is a tradition I stole from a dear family that I know…matching Christmas PJs to wear

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Today (Christmas Eve), we drove around town passing out goodies and gifts. We prayed that God would lead us to the right people and places; we prayed that the gifts will ultimately end in the hands of people who will

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