Advent 2016

We didn’t follow through on our advent plans as well as we did in the previous years, simply for the fact that our lives are increasingly becoming busier, especially during the holidays. In addition, the kids are out playing with the neighbors nearly every day…which is great, but it also makes it more difficult to gather them together to do some of the advent activities. So instead of posting an entry per day, I decided to just make a list of all that we did for advent this year:

  1. Read the The Legend of the Christmas Stocking and put the stockings up
  2. Attend the tree lighting event at the girls’ school
  3. Go buy our Christmas tree (we got it from Lowe’s this year)
  4. Christmas movie & popcorn (I think they watched a Veggie Tales Christmas movie)
  5. New LED flickering candles to display at all the kids’ bedroom windows
  6. Elf comes out; write Christmas letters to sponsor sisters
  7. Open this year’s new Christmas ornaments
  8. Decorate the Christmas tree
  9. Write Thank You cards to YMCA staff and bring them to Parents Night Out
  10. Decorate Gingerbread house at friends’ house
  11. Buy school supplies for students in Ghana (to bring to the Giving chapel)
  12. Christmas caroling at a nursing home
  13. Pizza party with our Growth Group
  14. Drink hot chocolate and watch The Polar Express
  15. Help put Christmas gifts together for all the teachers
  16. Read The Legend of the Candy Cane while eating candy canes
  17. Make Christmas treats to hand out
  18. Make Christmas cards for people in prison
  19. Participate in 25 Day of Christmas Cheer (through our church)
  20. Open new family game
  21. Give away old toys and clothes
  22. Go to the Children’s Museum
  23. (We didn’t do whatever was planned for this day, and I honestly can’t remember what we did…)
  24. Christmas pajamas