Toshi Turns 2 & His 1st Haircut

Can’t believe my last baby is 2! I was so sad to let go of his Baby Toshi, but I am sooooo in love with my toddler, Nator Boy! Shortly after his birthday, he got his first haircut, which made him look like such a big boy!

Here’s my FB post on his birthday:

Last night, as I was putting my 1-yr-old to bed for the last time, tears came. I just thanked God…and him. I described his first year as “pure sweetness.” I would describe his second year as “pure joy.” When I was feeling stressed, I would look at him…pure joy. When I was having a bad day, I would play with him…pure joy. When I was irritable, he would do something to make me laugh…pure joy. So to my 1-yr-old Nator Boy: THANK YOU for bringing so much joy, when I needed it the most. We all love you and are so tickled by you, you are such a sweet, sweet addition (completion!) to our family. It makes me sad to say good-bye…but I’m excited for the days ahead with my 2-yr-old. Happy Birthday.