Runway Park

We have been wanting to visit the Runway Park since we moved to Greenville. We finally made it happen today, despite the rainy weather (it mostly cleared out by the time we got there). It’s a park right next to the¬†Greenville Downtown Airport. The kids had fun watching the airplanes come in and take off as they played. We saw one airplane that looked like it came right out of the history books! The girls had so much fun running around with their new buddies Logan and Gavin. Nator had fun on the swings. It’s an enclosed playground, which makes it very easy for moms to keep track of the kids. It also has a paved path around the playground – very ideal for the kids to ride their bikes on (we definitely plan to bring their bikes next time). Another spot to add to our list of favorite places in Greenville!

P.S. The only inconvenience we experienced was the bathroom. There is a bathroom at the cafe next to the park, but I kind of felt bad for using it (twice) since I was not a customer. We saw that there is a plan to build a public bathroom at the park in the future.