P Turns 7

7 years ago today my life changed forever. As I look back on last 7 yrs I can honestly say I have never put as much energy, effort, prayer, resource, perseverance and patience into something as raising our Peanut. In the process I continue to grow as a mother as well. Here’s how I’d describe her using S words: smart, strong-willed, sensitive, silly, sweet, sister (she was born for this role!), and special:) At age 7 she is a great reader/writer/speller/mathematician. She loves Frozen/Wild Kratts/Odd Squad. She loves being outdoors. She loves everything about going to school. I have total FAITH (her middle name) that she is meant to become a great leader someday, and I am honored & grateful to have a front-row seat to watch it all unfold. Happy Birthday, Peanut!