Nator’s Weapon

Oh my. I wish I had caught on video how Nator worked a mass of people at Costco tonight (including me). So you know how when you check out at Costco, your cart (and even your baby sitting on the cart) goes on one side of the checkout lane, and you go on the other. I was minding my own business, getting ready to pay the cashier, when I heard quite a commotion from the cashier and other workers/customers, all turning to Nator at end of the lane. I looked over and this was what I saw: his eyes were filled with tears, his lower lip was rolled over, his chin was quivering…all without making a sound. Oh, how I wish I caught it on camera! It was the most pathetic yet precious look that pierced through my soul and apparently everyone else’s, 3 lanes back. The cashier from another lane hollered at ours for making him pout. He had completely stolen all of their hearts without making a single noise. After I paid the cashier and went to meet him at end of the lane, he was back to all smiles.
This boy has some SERIOUS weapons, and it’s becoming quite obvious that his mama is defenseless against them.