Nator 18 Months

Our Nator turned 18 months. He has definitely transitioned from “baby” into a “toddler.” One of the fun developments we see in him at this stage is how he relates to each of his sisters differently:
With Peanut, it’s hit or miss. She can make him laugh a lot, or she’s too much for him and he’s annoyed.
With LittleBit, there’s perfect harmony. She is his sweet caretaker who makes him very happy. Sometimes he laughs in delight at the sight of her.
With MiniLu, he sees her as his equal. He will grab whatever toy she has in her hands. He often screams if she doesn’t give it to him (she’s very patient with him!). He also likes to sit/lean on her when they are both on the couch…so cute.
Baby stage was ALL smiles and giggles. Toddler stage – not so much – a lot more screaming and fussing involved. But we all still can’t get enough of our Nator Boy! Oh, and he LOVES the outdoors so much to where he screams in agony when we bring him back inside. ‪#‎NatorBoy‬ ‪#‎18months‬