Mother’s Day 2016

My Facebook Post:

I often find myself feeling like I’m not patient enough, fun enough, warm/affectionate enough, or “enjoying the moment” enough, but I am forever grateful that in His wisdom and grace, God chose me as the perfect fit for these 4 incredible human beings. What an honor!
For all the moms- Happy Mother’s Day…you are more than enough because God chose you, not anyone else, to be your child’s momma.
Happy Mother’s Day, with my love and appreciation, to my own mother (Naoko Hush) and mothers-in-law (Meg Walbridge & Denise Parry).

Allan’s Facebook Post:

3 Years later (from the memory post) and still smiling and so In LOVE with my Boo! The years go by Maria Parry and the storms of life will keep coming for our kids. I have a HUGE sense of relief knowing that they have you at the helm of motherhood to help guide them, give them assistance and knowledge. You are fair with the consequences for doing wrong helping to teach them what is right. You give them space for their own freedom to fail, learning natural consequences for their actions in life. You praise them, raising their spirits, guiding them through life’s situations. You stand strong in our faith and just knowing you lean on Jesus for help in this crazy season of motherhood, gives our family a sense of peace. I’m in awe everyday watching you be a mother. Thank you for being you😍Love you!

My reply to his post:

Love you…there is absolutely no one else on earth I’d share this journey with besides you… As I enjoy my coffee you made for me, out on the patio of our dream house you made possible for us, listening to the chaos of you feeding the kids breakfast inside as you clean up their mess (well your mess in this instance 😉), and re-read all he cards you and the kids wrote/picked/made for me…all I can think to myself is, HOW BLESSED AM I!????