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Wow, I now am a mom to two daughters in double digits 😳 What a year it's been with this one. She is still our peacemaker, our joy-giver, and our gentle soul…but it was also a tough transition year for her. Our family dynamic shifted with our oldest maturing into the middle school stage, and this one had the hardest time adjusting. Many tears were shed (by both her and me). We are not used to experiencing much conflict with her, so it was a growing experience for me as well. We definitely conquered hills together and have grown closer as a result. Little Bit, your special gift to the world is that you are able to see things from other people's perspectives and show your caring heart quietly in the smallest details. I loved watching you discover your love for theater this year – and you were so brave! Happy 10th Birthday, I'm bracing myself for a decade of fun rollercoaster adventures ahead 😁 #ittybittybit #doubledigits

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