Halloween in the Neighborhood

We love our new neighborhood! It is so interactive and full of children. This was a big answer to prayer. We knew that we wanted our long-term home to be in an interactive, friendly neighborhood, and boy did we get what we asked for! The kids are out playing with the neighborhood kids practically every day. We moms often hang out and chat, and many times Allan would join in (we joke that he is an official member of the “neighborhood wives club”). It’s a very warm and inviting environment. Thank You, God, for this answered prayer!

During the Halloween season, our house was “booed” and we “booed” another house (left a bucket full of Halloween treats/gifts at a neighbor’s door), our cul de sac had a pumpkin carving night, our whole neighborhood had a Halloween party, and the main event was of course the trick-or-treating in the neighborhood on Halloween.