Get Out Greenville

It was a great turnout at Get Out! Greenville event today. Love this event that encourages families and kids to get out and enjoy outdoor activities. Love that my kids absolutely LOVE to play outside. We also LOVE Lake Conestee Nature Park. #greenvillerec #getoutgreenville#yeahthatgreenville

PS. This also happening during our outing…

During our family outing this morning, elderly couple passed Allan and 3 of our 4 kids. I was following behind with LB. When they passed LB and me, they said, “Oh wow, he has 2 more (kids).” I told them I was the mom. She gave a quick chuckle and said, “Oh, you’re the mom!? I thought you were one of the kids. You look so young” (In their defense, I was wearing sunglasses). I told Allan about this exchange. His response: “How OLD do I look!??”