COVID-19 Diary Day 38 & 39

Finding Beauty, Goodness, and Truth (Day 38)


Peanut – Our maple tree outside is starting to turn green.


MiniLu – Maddie let me join her to find some birds.

LittleBit – Bumpa & Nana helped Daddy with the garden.


Mommy – LittleBit did a really good job on her jingle project. MiniLu has been doing a fantastic job on schoolwork, coming back from spring break.


Toshi – I got to see Mrs. Charping (his teacher) today (she dropped some stuff off for him).

Day 38 Activity Journal

  • Daddy and Toshi went to go get free breakfast/lunch
  • MiniLu’s distance learning (online PE, Chinese song, and academics)
  • Pnut’s & LittleBit’s distance learning
  • Toshi’s zoom session with his preschool director (music teacher), teacher, and classmates
  • Recess outside


  • Daddy, Bumpa, and Nana worked on getting the garden ready
  • Outside time after QT
  • BBQ chicken on the grill for dinner
  • Family Wii night (Baseball & Bowling)
  • Evening walk for Daddy & Mommy

Finding Beauty, Goodness, and Truth (Day 39)


Toshi – The train track that Pnut built for me is pretty.

Mommy – The flowers Pnut made for Earth Day.


LittleBit – When Pnut’s Yoshi on Super Mario died, I gave my Yoshi to her.


MiniLu – Cougars eat blood blocks.

Peanut – Armadillos eat mealworms. Mealworms turn to beetles.


Mommy – Had a great time playing games with the older 2 and Bumpa & Nana.

Day 39 Activity Journal

  • More lessons from Duolingo
  • Home Safari presented by the Cincinnati Zoo (zoo blooms)
  • Daddy and Toshi went to go get free breakfast/lunch
  • MiniLu’s distance learning (online PE, Chinese song, and academics – pretty light day)
  • Pnut’s & LittleBit’s distance learning (continue to be done by early afternoon)

P’s project for Earth Day

  • Watched some of the movie The Willoughbys during lunch
  • Watched Home Safari on Facebook live at 3pm (P & LB – armadillos)
  • Watched the end of the movie Richie Rich after QT (P, LB, Nana, & Bumpa)
  • Played the board game Ticket to Ride (P, LB, Nana, Bumpa, & Mommy)
  • Family Wii night (Super Mario Bros Wii)

Tracking #1000hoursOutside

  • Day 38 – 20 min recess, 1 hr 40 min after QT (Total = 2 hrs)
  • Day 39 – no outside time (rainy day)


The anticipated news came that the schools will remain closed for rest of the school year. Even though it was expected, it’s still pretty hard to swallow. I think of my girls not having any more time with their teachers that they’ve come to know and love this year. And of course, Toshi…it breaks my heart that he won’t be with his preschool friends and teacher again. Ugh, I really hate that. What really gets to me is that we didn’t know…I didn’t know that it would be his last day at school, with his teacher & peers. I didn’t know that it would be his last week of being our little preschooler, our little companion while the sisters were at school. I will still need some time to process and grieve, now that it’s officially over.


Abba Father, I need You. My heart is sad. Please stay with me. Amen.