COVID-19 Diary Day 104 & 105

Day 104 Activity Journal

  • Bird watching on the patio
  • Outside time, bike rides to the playground

  • Daddy & Pnut went to attend a neighborhood baby shower
  • Played with slime
  • Made blackberry smoothies after QT

  • Outside time after QT (checked out neighborhood boys’ bike trails, ML + T + William went to pick more blackberries)
  • Mommy went out to dinner with her friend Christina (downtown Greenville)
  • Wii time

Day 105 Activity Journal

  • Church online for kids
  • Visited a waterfall area and another river in Tryon, NC (scroll to the bottom for review)




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Another Sunday Funday Parry adventure!

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  • MiniLu went over to friend Nellie’s after QT
  • Daddy + Mommy worked in the garden (harvested kale, Swiss chard, cilantro)

  • Watched movie Despicable Me

Tracking #1000hoursOutside

  • Day 104 – 1.75 hrs before lunch, 1.75 hrs after QT (Total = 3.5 hrs)
  • Day 105 – 2 hrs before lunch, 45 min after QT (Total = 2.75 hrs)

Review of Tryon, NC (Sillar’s Falls + Harmon Field)

35-40 min from home. Free. Our friends told us about this hidden gem in Tryon, NC, and we had to take a trip right away! The waterfall (called Sillar’s Falls) was very secluded and quiet. We were the only people there. Our son chose that day to be very adventurous – he was climbing all over the big rocks, which made this mommy very nervous. Our oldest kept trying to slide down the waterfall, which also made me nervous. We packed up after about an hour and headed to our next spot – Harmon Field. We found a river (North Pacolet River) that runs next to the park. This place felt more safe for the kids than the waterfall area. We ended up spending about another hour there, playing in the river. From there we were able to see a gorgeous mountain view. This river even had a tiny beach area – we plan to bring some sand toys next time. There were a few other people there, but it was still very peaceful and quiet. We hadn’t found water shoes for the kids yet – we brought flip flops this time, but LB kept losing hers in the water and we had to chase after it a couple of times. We definitely need to get water shoes for the kids! It was another fun day, and a refreshing way to stay cool in the heat. We love discovering and exploring new outdoor adventures.

Sillar’s Falls


Harmon Field