Advent 2015 Day 5 Part 1

Visiting both the Mystic Tree Farm and The Giving Tree in search of the perfect tree. #GivingTreeGVL won for our family ?? #advent2015 #yeahTHATgreenville

It was fun to visit a tree farm for the first time. We were looking forward to cutting down our own tree, but we couldn’t find one that we liked (it was pretty slim-picking by now). We headed over to The Giving Tree lot, and they had plenty of good-looking trees for great prices. Plus, the proceeds went to charities.

Funny story at this lot. Santa was hanging out at a photo spot. Our kids saw a turkey nearby and dashed towards it, asked to pet it, and asked to take a picture with it. They completely ignored and bypassed Santa. He looked pretty dumb-founded.

We came home with a perfect, 8-ft tree for our home!