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Can’t believe my last baby is 2! I was so sad to let go of his Baby Toshi, but I am sooooo in love with my toddler, Nator Boy! Shortly after his birthday, he got his first haircut, which made

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  Can’t believe I have a THIRD grader now. #lastdayofschool #toofast 😩#momnotready #lifewithpeanut On Little Bit’s Promotion Program: Promotion program for the Bit, from K5 to 1st Grade. Next year she will be at school all day like her big

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After his first head-on collision with the pavement, he thinks this walking thing is overrated. #toddlerlife #natorboy#1stbigbooboo

When I came back from my run this morning, this was how I found my 2 guys. #couchpotatoes #lovemygents#natorgrowinglikeweed

Our Nator turned 18 months. He has definitely transitioned from “baby” into a “toddler.” One of the fun developments we see in him at this stage is how he relates to each of his sisters differently: With Peanut, it’s hit

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Yes, Finally! A weekend where the weather was nice and nobody was sick! Hallelujah! It started off with a nice date night for us (thanks to YMCA Parents Night Out), then early Easter breakfast fun at the mall for the

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Early bday gift from my hubs. Late afternoon to myself to enjoy football and an ice cream party with this guy. After he licks the pretend ice cream he says, “Num num num num num…” #lovehim #natorboy#quietSunday #introvertsdelight

Happy 15 months on the 15th to our Nator Boy. Words can’t express how much JOY you have brought to our lives. So thankful for our little prince ?

Is it possible to have 2 cuter shopping buddies? I think not.

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