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LittleBit is turning 7! This year she finally had her very own birthday party for the first time (in the years past we did a combined party for her and Peanut). We did a pottery painting party at Color Clay

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LittleBit did a great job on her dance recital. You can view a video of the performance here.

  Can’t believe I have a THIRD grader now. #lastdayofschool #toofast 😩#momnotready #lifewithpeanut On Little Bit’s Promotion Program: Promotion program for the Bit, from K5 to 1st Grade. Next year she will be at school all day like her big

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“Look, Mommy, Spiderman is doing a plié.” #balletgirl #ouronlygirliegirl#ittybittybit

Allan, myself, and our 2 oldest kids have birthdays all within 2 weeks of one another (3 of us in late December, 1 following in early January).  Ever since the time our family was just the four of us, Allan

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From the moment she graced us with her presence on New Year’s Eve 6 yrs ago, she has been our JOY-giver…well, added by some drama on occasions.  Happy Birthday to our LittleBit! We had a crazy start to the day

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Parry Advent Day 15: take coffee to your teacher. Who wouldn’t want to start their day with this cutie and a cup of gingerbread latte? #holidays2015#advent2015

Day 6: Shopping for others. Daddy took the older girls to buy stuff for Toys for Tots & YMCA Angel Tree. They also shopped supplies for a church affected by recent flooding in SC (something the girls’ school proposed to

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Is it possible to have 2 cuter shopping buddies? I think not.

Look at these cute Pilgrims and Indians. We took a picture of Peanut with her good friend from school. MiniLu’s Indian name was The Squealing Blossom.

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