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Annual Summer Traditions Park Hop Library Summer Reading & Events Barnes & Noble Summer Reading Day at Lake Norman Celebrating MiniLu’s Birthday (Sparetime) Anniversary Trip for Tigger and Boo (Chattanooga) Camping Out (in a tent in P’s bedroom) Exploring New

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Peanut turned 9 on the 9th! We went all out and threw a big golden party for her at Sky Zone.

We are pretty exhausted from all the driving and sharing rooms, but our hearts are full. What a great way to bring in the new year – to be reunited with dear family and friends (and weather in the 70s).

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Merry Christmas Eve from us! #Boydoesntmatch #hisredshirtgotdirty  

We didn’t follow through on our advent plans as well as we did in the previous years, simply for the fact that our lives are increasingly becoming busier, especially during the holidays. In addition, the kids are out playing with

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We had a surprise drive-thru visit from our FL friends on Christmas Eve. Nator was outnumbered even more so than usual.

LittleBit is turning 7! This year she finally had her very own birthday party for the first time (in the years past we did a combined party for her and Peanut). We did a pottery painting party at Color Clay

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Some highlights of November: Daddy left for deer camp and Mimi came to stay with us Fall dress up days at school Bumpa, Nana, PapaG and Mimi were all here for Thanksgiving

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