I asked her to draw a picture for our sponsor child and this was what she chose to draw. There is so much depth to her; she constantly surprises me. (Note: the writing says, “He is *our Savior! We love

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First week of summer vacay; they had a blast exploring the new #BibsWorld outdoor playground @tcmupstate with 2 of their favorite friends. #yeahthatgreenville #summer2016


LittleBit did a great job on her dance recital. You can view a video of the performance here.

Friday Funday @artisphere in Downtown Greenville. Peanut decorated her puzzle with, what else, her main obsession- Shamu. #artisphere2016 #kidsphere #yeahthatgreenville #lifewithpeanut

  Can’t believe I have a THIRD grader now. #lastdayofschool #toofast 😩#momnotready #lifewithpeanut On Little Bit’s Promotion Program: Promotion program for the Bit, from K5 to 1st Grade. Next year she will be at school all day like her big

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My Facebook Post: I often find myself feeling like I’m not patient enough, fun enough, warm/affectionate enough, or “enjoying the moment” enough, but I am forever grateful that in His wisdom and grace, God chose me as the perfect fit

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Another family fun day exploring what springtime in the upstate has to offer.  #upstatestrawberryfestival #strawberryfestival #yeahthatgreenville


Fun and laughter are never in shortage when I’m on a date with this guy 😍 😂#datenight #tiggerandboo #10yearsstrong #thankyougrandparents

We have loved our 1st summer, fall, and winter in GVL and now we are falling in love with our 1st spring. A Perfect day to enjoy a fun kite festival in Spartanburg with Bumpa & Nana.#spartanburgsoaring #nearTHATgreenville


A lovely tea party with my girl at her school. The accidental photo bombing was too funny to crop out 😁#motherdaughtertime #lifewithpeanut

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