10 years ago today will always remain as one of my favorite days. My boyfriend of 6 months suggested that we go watch the sunrise at the beach. This was not unusual, since we had done so a month prior.

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The girls and I went to the Main Library to watch dancers from the International Ballet as they showcased a sneak peek of their upcoming show, The Nutcracker. The narrator read the story as the amazing dancers performed out each scene. We all

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The girls enjoyed helping Mimi make gyoza (Japanese dumplings). The best part was eating them while they were still hot, of course. Having Mimi here is like living in a Japanese restaurant.


Loved seeing the things Peanut is thankful for: Family, Friends, Home, Church, School, Books, Fruit, Juice.


Candies, Candies, Candies – too many candies! After a successful trick-or-treating night, we let each of the girls pick out 15 candies to keep out of their stash. Peanut and I took the rest (along with all the leftovers from

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MiniLu and her new bestie from school. I joined them on their fall walk today and saw that they are truly two peas in a pod. MiniLu loves school, she loves her family, she loves life…she is just full of

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I was reviewing this worksheet and about to explain how a nest weighs less than one pound when she interrupted and said, “I know why I got it wrong. I thought I’m supposed to count the tree too.” #lifewithpeanut #alwaysoutsideofthebox

It was a great morning! It rained before the race but cleared up by the time we started. As I ran through the beautiful Cleveland Park with my new friends from the Y, listening to songs about my amazing God,

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